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研究 和 commentary from across LaSalle designed to provide investors with a deeper underst和ing of topics 和 trends affecting real estate.



在我们最新的ISA简报中, we answer a range of questions that we have been receiving from investors on China 和 Japan. 我们也展望未来, explaining what we think it all means for the real estate outlook in the world’s second 和 third largest economies.

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In this report, we examine the existing work 和 identify the most helpful 和 relevant analyses. We also monitor outcomes within our own portfolio, 和 highlight a few examples as case studies.

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Panorama of the river 和 the city against the backdrop of the setting sun


拉萨尔的就职 ISA十大可靠网赌平台组合视图 covers a range of topics that institutional investors should bear in mind when investing in real estate, from the benefits of diversification to effectively managing risk.

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Sun loungers lined up among palm trees over the open pool

ISA简报: The impact of residential mortgage resets

We look at the broad implications of higher residential mortgage rates, 和 how they vary by country. Even if institutional investors do not directly touch owner-occupied housing, they should consider the risks caused by these dynamics.

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2023年10月24日 LaSalle, CREFC 欧洲 和 Regal London host 欧洲an real estate finance forum The open-forum discussion covered a wide range of topics affecting the industry.
2023年10月2日 ISA简报: 中国和日本面临的关键经济问题 Covering economic growth in China 和 interest rates in Japan
2023年9月27日 LaSalle的2023年欧洲城市增长指数 London 和 Paris maintain their positions, but others are ascending.
an image of solar panels on top of a building
2023年9月11日 ISA焦点:绿色的价值 The transition to a lower-carbon built environment is reshaping the definition of quality real estate.
2023年8月2日 ISA十大可靠网赌平台组合视图2023 LaSalle’s ISA十大可靠网赌平台组合视图 is our guide of things to consider for institutional investors seeking to diversify portfolios with real estate.
an overhead shot of a residential neighborhood
2023年7月5日 ISA简报: The impact of residential mortgage resets Higher residential mortgage rates have implications for both new buyers 和 existing owners.
an exterior picture of an apartment building at night
2023年5月30日 ISA简报: Controlling interest: Keeping tabs on residential regulations Changes to rent regulations can potentially reshape the risk-reward profile of residential investments, impacting values over both short 和 long timescales.
2023年5月19日 欧洲市场展望- 2023年第二季度 Our latest LaSalle 欧洲an Market View shows how 欧洲’s economies 和 real estate markets are being impacted by, 和适应, 当前这个时期不寻常的不确定性.
2023年5月15日 A historic opportunity for 欧洲an real estate debt Alternative lenders are strongly positioned to make up the continent’s funding shortfall. 但融资是一个大问题, say participants in PERE’s roundtable discussion, 斯图尔特·沃森报道。
2023年5月9日 未来属于欧洲? 布莱恩Klinksiek’s article appears in Issue 12 of Summit, AFIRE的官方出版物, the association for international real estate investors focused on commercial property in the United States.
2023年4月24日 The fourth pillar of incentives: Co-investment 蒂姆·凯斯勒, LaSalle的全球首席运营官, spoke with NAREIM about why LaSalle is exp和ing co-investment eligibility


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